• At PlayableGames we bring real user feedback to your games during development.
  • We research players' response to the gameplay.
  • We provide useful, practical feedback to help you improve your games, and reduce risks, all with the aim of launching fun titles.
  • We are the most experienced gameplay research specialists in the UK.
  • We pioneer gameplay research and game usability.
  • We work with all the major gaming platforms and game genres.
  • We are part of a network of over 250 specialists worldwide.

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 PlayableGames will be renamed ExperienceLab as of February 2013
PlayableGames will be renamed ExperienceLab as of February 2013, and this website will redirect to the main website of our parent company ExperienceLab.

This will not affect the day to day operations of the gameplay specialists, who have always worked closely with the wider ExperienceLab team, or the services they deliver to clients in the games industry. This name change strengthens our offering to clients across all sectors: as gaming broadens across domains and devices we draw on our cross-platform knowledge from the wider ExperienceLab team.

To talk to us about gameplay research or game usability please contact Ben Weedon.

 PlayableGames recently completed work with Square Enix, Xbox & Disney
We're excited about some new titles that will be out this year that we recently finished working on with some big names in the industry.

 PlayableGames work on Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice on Nintendo DS
PlayableGames worked with recently on their latest DS title, Sorcerer's Apprentice.

 Game Packaging Research published by PlayableGames
We have released a new piece of independent research on the . Find all our papers and articles in the .

 PlayableGames works on new Top Gun title with DoubleSix
[PDF] on their new Xbox 360 title, Top Gun.

 PlayableGames works with Disney on Toy Story 3.
PlayableGames worked with Disney to provide user testing on the PSP version of Toy Story 3.

 PlayableGames at first Games User Research Summit
PlayableGames' manager, Ben Weedon, spoke at the first annual summit of the Games User Research Special Interest Group (GUR-SIG), a special one-day event, held in parallel with GDC 2010 in San Francisco. .

 More independent research!
We have produced some guidelines about , as well as

 PlayableGames team at Develop 2009
We will be attending the Develop conference on 15-16th July. We look forward to seeing you there!

 New gameplay testing from PlayableGames goes beyond traditional QA
PlayableGames has launched a range of services designed to go beyond the traditional QA testing and focus groups. The services help developers understand what works for the end users before the game is released, and before substantial development costs are incurred.

 PlayableGames help Microsoft create the ultimate singing party game, "Lips"
PlayableGames recently worked with Microsoft Game Studios during the development of their singing game, "Lips". PlayableGames and its international partners provided resources to conduct user research throughout Europe which provided gamer feedback on prototypes of the game, enabling developers to optimise the gaming experience before release.

 New service helps predict game review scores
We have developed a system of evaluating games in development so that we can estimate what a title's Metacritic rating might be at release.

As part of the service we also provide recommendations on how the game could be improved for the end user, so as to increase that review score.

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